In 2015 my husband and I worked with Tycore Built to build our first home. We had a layout in mind, but wanted to customize the house to fit our family needs. We sat down with our contractor to talk about the initial list of steps in the process and the order in which they needed to happen. They made it easy for us to get into contact with each vendor to pick out all the different finishing items from the siding and stone on the outside, to the doors, flooring and fixtures inside and everything in between. We had many questions throughout the process and also were able to make some changes as we got further along in the process as we were learning more about building – some based on our initiation, but some changes were recommended by Tycore based on best practices they’ve seen in their experience. All the different vendors we dealt with were so easy to work with and patient with us. As we got closer to our occupancy date the different businesses working on the house really came together to finish quickly so we could move in on our target date. At every visit we made to the house during the construction process we were welcomed by the different contractors and we knew what to expect through every step of the process. We would definitely recommend working with Tycore Built to build your forever home!